A Life Abroad

The Truth About Blogging

Is it's @#!^ing hard! 

I tell people it's my dream to be one of those internet sensation bloggers who get to travel the world at the invitation of fancy hotels and spas. Workdays that consist of testing out beach side hammocks, spa treatments, and rating the cushiness of hotel beds? I could do that. I just have to remember to do the work part at the computer afterwards... 

So let's talk about today's cultural experience: the China Art Museum with a couple new friends.

Located inside the China Pavilion from the 2010 World Expo (a super cool building designed to look like the traditional character for the Chinese nation), the museum is a never ending maze of rooms each one different as can be from the last. I expected to see heaps of ancient calligraphy and paintings of the countryside in every season. Those were there, but there were also a bunch of trippy modern exhibits that are not for the faint of art (ha!!).

If you go, you can expect to see everything from animated shorts to stunning oil paintings that look as real as your reflection. Just for fun, here's a few of my faves:

By the way, I know it's wrong to judge people but I'm absolutely guilty of it when it comes to jump shots. I guess we can still be friends if you refuse to do them, I just might not travel with you.

A+ today, Oye and Joey!

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